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Understanding and Managing Intensity in Partnering

One of the observations of a just released REACT Services research report on global partnering is that the traditional categories and descriptions of collaborative efforts have morphed over the past … Continue reading

September 11, 2020 · Leave a comment

Engaging All Parts of the Body, By José de Dios

As members of one body, we seek to engage and equip Christ-following men, women and children from diverse generations, cultures and churches to participate as part of God’s global mission. One … Continue reading

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Filling the Empty Bookshelf

Very few of us have an empty bookshelf just sitting around waiting for books to fill it. If anything most are full and in need of “pruning!” However, most weeks … Continue reading

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The New Launch of the League!

We are excited to announce that along with the launch of the new REACT Services website (happening this month), we will also be relaunching this blogsite!  Please stay tuned over … Continue reading

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Books on My Lists from 2014

A week does not go by that I am not asked about what books I am currently reading or can recommend. Perhaps people logically assume that because I am on … Continue reading

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